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Why cramming is NOT helping

Updated: May 29, 2019

Cramming is many students' go-to study method and we completely understand why. School can be overwhelming with multiple classes, all time-consuming and demanding with their own respective homework assignments, quizzes, and exams. By the time exams roll around, you've been too busy trying to keep up in your other classes to have spread out your studying and now the exam is tomorrow! At this point, your only option is to cram. Here are the top two reasons why we encourage you to try and spread out your studying as best as possible to avoid cramming.

1. Cramming is stressful.

You're counting down the hours until your exam and counting how many pages you have left to read and oh! don't forget you haven't eaten dinner and, by the way, when do you plan on sleeping? Cue the stress. Cue the thoughts of "there's no way I am going to finish studying in time." Nobody enjoys going through this. It is scientifically proven that endorphins(the hormone released when you're happy and relaxed) significantly increase your odds of doing well on an exam. You know what completely diminishes the amount of endorphins in your body? Stress.

2. Cramming isn't effective.

When preparing for an exam, it is best to spread out your study time over the course of several days. Not only does this reduce the stress of studying, but it is also scientifically proven to be more effective in terms of retention of material. When spreading out studying over several days, you are also more capable of practicing rather than solely relying on memorization.

Cramming or not cramming, if you need some extra help preparing for your exams, get booked with private tutoring lessons with one of our Bright & Brainy tutors today!

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