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Summer Enrichment vs. Summer Slide

It's all fun and games until the last week before school starts back up again, right? This is when most students cram in all their summer reading books and math packets. The stress settles in as they realize they don't remember how to do the material as well. That's because, if they were not engaged in educational activities over the summer, they've already lost 25% of what they learned. Now, you're either glad you're reading this before summer or wishing you had!

If you're one of the lucky ones reading this before the summer slide strikes, you may be wondering how to combat this phenomena. The best way to tackle the summer slide is with summer enrichment. What is summer enrichment, exactly? For some reason, enrichment is solely associated with academically talented students. While it is important for those talented students to receive summer enrichment as well, it should absolutely not be limited to them. Summer enrichment is valuable for all students at all academic levels. It is defined as the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something and we believe improving the quality of a child's mental abilities is absolutely invaluable!

So, now that you are sure you want to avoid the summer slide at all costs, what now? Head to our post about how to avoid the summer slide to get our top tips and suggestions! You could also check out our Pinterest board full of fun learning activities.

Have fun this summer, but don't forget to keep your thinking cap on(and sunscreen too!).

The Facts on Summer Slide

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