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Rainy Day Fun!

Summertime means so many things, one of them is rainy days! Some of us love a good rainy day, others feel trapped indoors with nothing to do. That's why we've made this list of the most fun rainy day activities!

  1. Build a fort. Gather up all the blankets, pillows, and dining room table chairs and make a fort you can spend hours in!

  2. Create a box town. This is a great reason to keep all those Amazon boxes around- for a rainy day! Make a town or maybe a rocket ship, a boat or a time-traveling machine. The options are endless!

  3. Play pirates. When playing pirates, you simply cannot go without a treasure hunt. Maps, swords, eye-patches, peg legs, pirate ships, and all your imagination can conjure for the perfect pirate playtime.

  4. Form a band. Get out the wooden spoons, pots, and pans. It's time to make some music! If you have real instruments, all the better. But the makeshift ones are just as fun.

  5. Bake a cake(or anything really). Confetti cupcakes or unicorn cheesecake, just make something delicious with the help of your little ones. Make sure to wash your hands first!

  6. Put on a show! Lights! Camera! Action! Put together silly costumes, a funny script, and stage props and you've got hours of fun. Don't forget to film it for awesome memories!

  7. Make a pizza. There's something about allowing kids to make their own food that they find incredibly fun. Roll out some dough, get out the Parmesan cheese and red sauce, and you'll have a fun, yummy, potentially messy lunchtime that the kids will love.

  8. Scrapbook. This may sound like a bust of an idea at first but hand the kids a pack of stickers, a couple magazines, a glue stick, and kid-friendly scissors and you'd be surprised how much fun they'd have.

  9. Create an obstacle course. If they are just revving with energy, you may need an activity that involves more, well, activity! Set up an indoor obstacle course with the house furniture and other objects to get their blood pumping.

  10. Have a picnic. Set out the blanket, pack lunch in a basket, find shapes in the clouds(or, ceiling tiles?).

You'll find that there is so much more you can do on a rainy day than you've imagined. Most outdoor activities can be re-imagined into indoor activities with a slight twist here and there. We hope this helps make your rainy days all the more fun and enjoyable.

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