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Prepping for the 1st Day of School

1st Day of School Preparation

The 1st day of school is associated with incredibly mixed emotions on both the parent's end and the student's! Some children can't wait to spend all day with their friends. Some truly enjoy being in school. Others dread the idea of sitting in a classroom, watching the clock, and waiting for the dismissal bell again. Some parents are a nervous wreck just thinking about dropping their little one off for the first time. Some won't know what to do with themselves without having their mini-me attached at the hip. Others can't wait to have their alone time again! Everyone deals with Back-to-School differently and we're here with some pointers to make that first day run a little more smoothly. Being ready for the first day of school takes a lot of work. It includes gathering back-to-school materials, outfits/uniforms, doing the groceries, and packing lunch boxes. It also includes mental preparation, getting back into a good sleep schedule, and building up confidence.

First thing's first, you're going to want to make sure you've checked everything off your Back-to-School checklist. We've created one for you to check out, print out, and check off. Click here. What's important about getting your back-to-school materials is that you do it with ample time. The weekend right before the 1st day of school is notorious for having empty shelves. That darn yellow three prong folder with pockets your daughter absolutely needs for English class seems harder to find than the lost city of Atlantis! I like to do back-to-school shopping during the week when it's not so crazy packed. If your weekdays are just way too busy, I'd recommend hitting the store early morning on the weekend.

Next, you'll probably need to head to the grocery store. It's time for packed lunches again! Honestly, we're big fans of creative packed lunches. That's why we've created a jam-packed Pinterest board for you to gather some inspiration. We've pinned everything from meal ideas to shopping lists so you don't need to do the searching on your own. While you're on our Pinterest profile, you may also want to check out our board for school outfit ideas. We have one for boys and another for girls and they're just the cutest outfits out there.

Lastly, you'll likely want to do some mental preparation. We recommend trying some meditation and focused breathing. Maybe have your children join you and make it a morning habit that will benefit everyone! Also, try to get your sleep schedule back into a good rhythm at least one week prior so it doesn't hit you like a brick wall when that 6AM alarm goes off on the first day.

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