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How to Book Lessons

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

At Bright & Brainy Tutoring, we give you absolute flexibility and control over your tutoring schedule. We can take care of booking the lessons for you or you can do it all on your own with a few clicks! Our scheduling is done through a fantastic software and website called Setmore. On the website, as well as under our Meet the Team tab, you could read full biographies from each of our tutors. This will help you make the perfect pick. You will also see our full list of services, which can also be found here on our website.

Below, you will find a short video demonstration on how to book an appointment on a mobile device. When booking on a desktop, you simply:

  1. Choose the service you would like

  2. Select the perfect tutor

  3. Choose a date and time that works best for you

  4. Create a short profile

  5. Provide your information

  6. Confirm

and you're done! We look forward to working with you toward a brighter and brainier future. Please feel free to contact us if you still have questions!

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