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Get Ahead Before Falling Behind

Get ahead before you fall behind!
Getting ahead before falling behind is crucial for minimizing stress.

It's easy to realize how much you need help once you have already fallen behind- but at that point, it may very well be too late! If you wait until the point of evident struggle and delay, it's likely that the root of the problem was the misunderstanding of a fundamental topic that may have been taught months ago. The best way to avoid falling behind in class is to get ahead and to do so early on!

Falling behind in class is a major cause of stress for students worldwide and it truly is not hard to avoid. There are easy steps to follow to help you or your child get ahead in class.

  1. Use a planner. Write down all due dates and lay out exactly when you plan to work on each assignment. Doing this allows you to schedule in time for play and relaxation and helps assure you that you're on track with your work. It also prevents deadlines from creeping up on you at the last minute.

  2. Get homework done as soon as it is assigned. This will help avoid those late nights of working through a huge assignment. When you work on homework as soon as it is assigned, you have the opportunity to determine just how much time the assignment will require of you. You can work on it little by little but you should never procrastinate.

  3. Ask your teacher for help with sections that puzzle you. Send them an email, ask to meet with them after class, go to their office hours. This extra effort is absolutely priceless because not only are you getting the extra help you need but you are also showing your teacher that you are on top of your assignments and recognize where you are lacking. Believe it or not, this may also result in your teacher being more lenient when grading your work because they saw how much effort you dedicated.

  4. If asking your teacher is not enough, find the right tutor for you. This is where we come in! Bright & Brainy Tutoring is always available to match you with the perfect tutor. Give us a call, fill us in on what you need, and we'll have a tutor at your door when you need them.

If you have already fallen behind, you can still get help! It's not over until it's over. You can follow the steps above or reach out for extra help from a tutor as soon as you recognize you have fallen behind.

Do these steps work for you? Do you have a different method? Let us know in the comments below!

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