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Father's Day Activities Everyone Will Love!

Did you know the number one gift given to dads is nothing? That's right, nothing! Most dads aren't given gifts on Father's Day. It's much more fun to engage in some activity dad and the whole family will love and that's usually what dad prefers. Coming up dry on ideas? We've got you covered. Here's a list of Dad-approved activities for the whole family to enjoy this Father's Day:

  • Serve him breakfast in bed.

Father's Day Camping
  • Take him out to the ballgame.

  • Play a round of golf(or mini golf).

  • Go fishing or plan a fishing trip for him.

  • Go bowling.

  • Go to a car show.

  • Go camping.

  • Play video games.

  • Play a game of catch.

  • Go for a bike ride.

  • Build something.

  • Take a hike.

  • Treat him to a spa package.

  • Have a movie night(and let dad pick the movie for once).

There's something for every type of dad and so much you can enjoy together! The kids will love it too!

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