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Boost Your Child's Confidence!

We often hear that confidence is key. But key to what? Well, a lot of things! When it comes to children and, really, people of all ages, confidence can be the defining factor for success. Many do just fine without confidence but most do significantly better if they have an abundance of it. Why? Well, we could get into the science behind what goes on in our brains if we're confident but that's much too technical for this article. To sum up all the fancy science, confidence makes us feel better. When we feel better, we do better!

Think about a day when you felt just terrible. Maybe you had a headache or an allergy flare up. How was your performance that day? Likely sub-par. Now, think about a day when you felt absolutely fantastic. You received the best news or you just had a delicious breakfast and now you're ready to conquer the day. That's the effect that confidence can have on an individual.

You can imagine why it would be particularly important for children to have a strong sense of self-confidence. Like adults at work, they too are constantly being put under pressure at school. They are provided with loads of new information on a daily basis and are expected to fully understand all of it. It can be challenging! Luckily, there's one simple thing we can all do to make it significantly easier on them. Boost their confidence. So, how can you go about doing that for your child?

  • Remind them that you are proud of them. You may smother them with affection and buy them every toy they ask for, but have you told them how proud they make you? That can make a huge difference in your child's confidence levels. Believe it or not, even at a young age, they are trying to make you proud(even if it doesn't always seem like it).

  • Encourage them to be the best version of themselves. Now, this doesn't mean encourage them to be the best. It's great to be the best, don't get us wrong. But it's even better to be the best version of yourself. What does that entail? Support their interests, promote their personality, and recognize their individuality.

  • Help them turn their weaknesses into strengths. As a parent, you feel your child is absolutely perfect- and in many ways, they are! But you also must recognize your child's strengths and weaknesses so you can help them be better people further down the road. For example, if your child is struggling in math, maybe sit down with them for a few hours and help them fully understand. You could also get them a tutor! Whatever you do, try to help turn your child's weaknesses into strengths. Weaknesses can often become sources of lowered confidence. If those weaknesses are being worked on for improvement, your child will have better overall confidence.

There are countless other ways you can help boost your child's confidence. Confidence leads success and who wouldn't want their child to be as successful in life as possible?

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