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Our Process

The relationship we have with each of our students and their parents begins with a free consultation. We love to meet face-to-face but if that is not possible, the consultation can be done over the phone or via email. Whichever you prefer!

Once we have a deep understanding of what the student needs, we will match them to one of our excellent, trained, certified tutors based on learning style, personality, location, schedule, and, of course, academic requirements. 

The tutor will come to your home prepared with all the materials you will need for the lesson outside of the materials provided by the student's school such as homework and textbooks. The tutor will be equipped with a highly detailed, personalized curriculum. 

Lesson reports will be completed on a lesson- or weekly-basis. They may be emailed to the parent upon request. This is so the parent can be as involved as desired in the student's progress.


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